Trees in the city: the Green Authority arrives


Monitoring the consumption of the soil, the protection of trees and plants, expanding urban parks and raising awareness among citizens on issues relating to urban greenery: these are the tasks of the Green Authority.
The new role will be entrusted to a team of experts (competent in environmental and urban sciences) capable of representing the voice of green in institutional tables.
The three members, appointed by the mayor, remain in office for 5 years and in addition to the tasks already mentioned, they must undertake to contribute to ensuring the protection of soil consumption and the increase of existing greenery and trees, promoting listening and information actions in towards citizenship, dialogue with the municipal offices on compensation initiatives related to land consumption, verify the monitoring in collaboration with the one-stop shop for construction and municipalities of the interventions to be carried out on private land that involve modification of the use of soil and trees.
The novelty was introduced for the first time in Milan, following the approval of the city council.

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