In Milan, will be born the Library of the trees


The project has always been ambitious: the creation, in the area between Garibaldi, Porta Nuova and Melchiorre Gioia, the park's Library of the trees", conceived as a contemporary botanical garden that covers an area of about 100,000 square meters, a public park multifunctional that would create a system of connections between the neighboring districts, so as to facilitate access to various parts of the city, home to several recreational activities (playgrounds and sports fields) cultural (pitches, outdoor theaters, galleries 'art, concert halls and conference) commercial (markets) and of course green spaces dedicated to the botanical gardens, picnic areas."After a complex process of land reclamation, may finally start the procedures for the construction of a park much awaited by the whole city," said the deputy mayor and councilor for Urban Planning Ada Lucia De Cesaris.The design, entrusted in 2004 to the Dutch designer Petra Blaisse who had won the competition organized by the City, has designed a green area composed of circular -aree forests where trees are arranged in a circle, so as to form "natural room", by hence the name "Library of the trees, where you can practice a variety of activities or just relax in the shade - routes - along which meander areas for markets, exhibitions, events, in a way that connects the inputs of the park seamless - and finally fields - fields irregular mesh that can be flower beds, lawns and perennials.The final plan approved by the City, which will be launched for a tender, with a proposed temporary set (agreed with Hines SGR Italy in collaboration with the Fondazione Riccardo Catella occurred during temporary project) at farm fields that will be made from February 2015 to be completed in time for the month of May, with the start of Expo."


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