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As the appointment with Myplant & Garden, the International Salon of Green in Milan, is approaching, besides the novelties for the 2018 edition, the organizers also have some data on the trend of the global gardening market. The data, which will be thoroughly refined during the days of the event, were collected thanks to a collaboration with Euromonitor International.
Here are the reliefs: the value of the world's gardening market (source: Euromonitor International) reached USD 83 billion in 2016. Most players are the USA, followed by some European countries and Japan. Italy is 7th in the standings, with good shooting signals.
"Just to restore confidence in production and export, Myplant has expanded the network of international contacts to further strengthen the incoming operations of foreign buyers from the 5 continents. The organization intends to increase the quantity and quality of international buyers (110 official delegations present in the 2017 edition), with the goal of reaching 150 official delegations, "commented Myplant.
In 2014, Italy is ranked 7th in the world market ranking, preceded by Canada. The market in Belpaise in 2016 reached USD 3 billion (3.3 in 2011). Forecasts are slow in growth. Looking at overseas, the value of the gardening market in the US grew by 3% at current prices in 2016 ($ 34 billion). The value of sales should reach $ 34.9 billion in 2021.
More than 1% is the value of the current gardening market in Germany (USD 8 billion). Sales records in 2016 for plants, trees and shrubs. In France, however, the market reached USD 5.6 billion in 2016. A stable situation with good prospects for the next few years. In the UK, in 2016, growth was up 2% on the previous year (US $ 5.5 billion). He is waiting here for the effects of Brexit. In Japan, in 2016, growth was 2% over the previous year ($ 4 billion). Positive field for both interior and exterior green.
Meanwhile, as far as the event is concerned, the three pavilions of the next edition of Myplant & Garden are becoming almost final. The 8 macro-sectors are firmly settling into the 45,000-square-meter exhibition area.
In pavilion 20, besides the nourishing presence of businesses in the nursery sector, the motorcycle garden brands are finding a place with important adherence. Motorgarden will also have an outside area of about 300 square meters for practical tests (the demo area will be between halls 16 and 12). More and more extensive the green building and outdoor areas (swimming pools included), which will culminate in a 'landscape area' that includes the lucky meeting and exhibition formula of international architecture studios launched in '2017 edition. The conference room and the group of realities participating in the Urban Green Management project complement the exhibition offerings of this pavilion.
In pavilion 16, largely above all to the vast offer of vegetable gardening, market and business services, vases, to the field of technology in general. It is also probable to set up a landscaping exhibition, which is currently being studied.
Pavilion 12, the 'new entry' of this edition, connected to Hall 16, will have a dedicated entrance and will be the area's most novelties for this edition, for content, initiatives and exhibit offerings. In addition to the extensive presence of well-known brands of gardening, outdoor technology, outdoor facilities and accessories (eg BBQs, which also have an outside area for practical testing), will be pointless the ever-popular Garden Center New Trend event-setting, featured in 6 different business areas under the 'small concept, smart business'.
Along with the business, the new edition of the GAME (Garden Meeting) event, dedicated to 360 ° market garden retailers (from e-commerce to agricultural resale) will be held, with a large open agora for encounters and a corollary of exclusive exhibition areas.
Always on sale, the GDS Break meeting cycle will be repeated, in which Gds protagonists will be confronted with industry affairs on the theme of 2018: 'Sell garden in Gds. Service, Sales Experience and Loyalty '.

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