In Trento lumberjacks to the streets to say enough is enough to fire


To accompany the event, Coldiretti has launched on social also a hashtag, #orgoglioboscaiolo: there are thousands of loggers and agricolturi that a few days ago have gathered in the square, in Trento to shout loudly that the forest is a heritage to be preserved and enhance.They explain it by Coldiretti: The fire alarm has never been so high from the Unification of Italy with the forest area that has since doubled this year, reaching a record high of more and because of the deterioration and abandonment which leaves the field open to arsonists also with risks to the environment and hydrogeological stability. an explosive mix triggered by the forecasts of a torrid summer 2016 that will add up to 'unstoppable advance of the forest without any control has taken possession of uncultivated land and now dominates more than 1/3 of a national and a surface density which makes it totally impenetrable to the required maintenance and defense ".What they are asking the loggers is a cultural recognition, social and economic development of those living and working in defense of the environment and landscape.The city of Trento has been chosen as the capital of a region that has a covered area by the middle of the woods

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