A range for trimming hedges, trees and bushes


For cutting and pruning hedges, trees and bushes Gardena offers a complete range of hedge trimmers and telescopic pruners suitable for any height requirement.
The THS 500/48 telescopic hedge trimmer, with a 500 W motor, is equipped with laser-cut blades that enable clean, efficient, fast and uninterrupted cutting.
With a blade length of 48 cm it is able to cut branches with a maximum diameter of 25 mm.
Comfortable and light, the THS Li-18/42 battery-powered telescopic hedge trimmer is equipped with an arm that allows you to cut even the highest hedges (up to about 3 m) from the ground in complete safety. The variable angle head with which it is equipped, allows you to cut the hedges at any point: both at ground level and at their top. The long-lasting 42 cm blades with innovative geometry ensure a quick, clean and clean cut of branches up to 16 mm in diameter.
The TCS 720/20 telescopic pruner, with a 720 W motor, has a 20 cm blade and is equipped with a cutting block to cut branches from bottom to top and protect the chain when working close to the ground.
The secondary handle, always positioned at the same height, allows you to comfortably support the tool even when cutting hedges and tall branches.
Easy to use, light and compact, it is equipped with a variable angle head to easily and comfortably cut any branch. Thanks to the telescopic adjustment, for cutting up to 4.40 m, it is possible to prune even the highest branches, which are difficult to reach.

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