Fabric tube, light and resistant


The Gardena range of irrigation hoses is extended with the Liano fabric hose, in the name of innovation and Premium quality.
The new Gardena Liano consists of an inner tube lined with highly resistant woven fiber, which allows you to drag the tube on a rough and rough surface or against a thorny rose bush, without it being damaged.
The inner tube under pressure can expand up to 1/2 "in diameter, thus ensuring a high flow rate.
The new Liano fabric tube is very comfortable to use and guarantees maximum flexibility and maneuverability since it does not bend, deform or even twist at low temperatures.
Extremely light (up to 50% lighter than normal PVC pipes) for ergonomic use and easy handling.
Equipped with a special elongated ring nut to prevent pipe uncoupling and the possibility that there may be water leaks; the new tube also wraps itself perfectly in the hose reel carts, allowing easy storage.
The new tube stands out for its excellent UV protection, antifreeze resistance and is free of phthalates. Repellent to dirt thanks to the outer covering in dense, dark gray fabric and is perfect for delicate surfaces.

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