At the gates of Milan 250 thousand tulips bloom


Originally from Holland, Edwin and Nitsuhe have thought to bring to Milan the flower symbol of their country, the tulip. So they realized and just opened a "tulip u-pick field", ie a garden of tulips open to everyone where you can collect and buy flowers. It is the first in Italy.
"We planted 1 hectare with tulips - explain on their Facebook page - There are about 250,000 flowers of tulips in 183 varieties! The flowering will be only for a few weeks in the spring; We expect between early April and late April. It will be a big event with so many people. Our goal is to make the garden of tulips the happiest place in the Milan area! It will be a place to take pictures, to relax, to pick tulips and enjoy the beauty and nature. important fundamental values for the festival are: kindness, cheerfulness, happiness, nature, relaxation, beauty, respect for nature and the guests pampered ".
Admission is free to all, to enter is required to purchase two tulips. The cover photo is taken from the Facebook page Tulips-Italian where you can also find information about opening the garden.


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