Turin, the roofs of buildings become vegetable gardens


In the beginning it was a former foundry thirties, who has stopped working about forty years ago. The building was acquired by the municipality and has now become space for the pilot project OrtiAlti, who transformed the roof of Fonderie Ozanam Turin in a roof garden where produce fresh fruit and vegetables to be used in the preparation of the dishes of the restaurant 'namesake cooperative. Not only: the aim is also to create a space where the whole neighborhood can come together to be together and, last but not least, help also to improve the urban landscape and the energy efficiency of buildings.OrtiAlti starts from the consideration that more than 20% of urban surfaces are flat roofs and covered with tar, unused and inaccessible: garages, warehouses, sheds, residential, shopping malls, thousands of flat roofs - the website says OrtiAlti.com - in the center and the periphery that can be converted into new urban regeneration areas in collective sociability places, in food-producing areas ".The roofs are transformed into hanging gardens, usanto textile and plastic materials to waterproof and allow to retain water


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