How to make small windows and tunnels for the vegetable garden


Install small tunnels and garden coverings: in this video tutorial all the useful tips to protect vegetables, tomato seedlings, zucchini, lettuce and lettuce from sudden changes, thus favoring the anticipated growth of crops.
After preparing the tunnel with arches and stakes, the Tenax Sun Film can be used to protect the tomato seedlings: the yellow color attracts the sun's rays and promotes the ripening of the fruit.
For lettuce, salad and leafy vegetables, a non-woven permeable protective film can be used, such as Tenax Ortoclima: it is light and can be spread directly on the vegetables.
For zucchini, first fruits and other vegetables, you can choose the Tenax Early Tunnel pop-up window, ready to use. This is an extensible and foldable garden clasp that opens and closes as an accordion. In the hottest hours of the day it can be quickly removed and reapplied in the evening to protect the plants in the coldest hours.

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