Unagreen: new for 2023


With the beginning of 2023, the Union dedicated to the Federacma garden presents two important innovations. In fact, the new site created with a renewed concept is online (and can be consulted at this address), so that it can better represent the activities and be more usable by the machine dealers associated with Federacma.
2023 also brings with it a transformation, or rather, a simplification of the name.
In fact, starting from January, for simplicity of use, the Union will only adopt the name "Unagreen" and no longer the one composed of "Unagreen&Assogreen". "We believe in the continuous growth of professionalism" - comments Silvia Scabini, spokesperson for the Union - which is the most effective guarantee for offering a quality service and arises from the search for constant improvement - she adds - which is why we wanted to open the year with enthusiasm , with the launch of a new website and a new logo and name for our Union”.


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