Open inscriptions at the Bonsai University


Bonsai University's first level inscriptions will be held from January 2018 at Crespi Bonsai's headquarters in Parabiago.
The course will be guided by Master Nobuyuki Kajiwara, and is organized into four meetings (a weekend for each season) to tackle the various seasonal issues by applying bonsai technical specifications.
"The course - the organizers explain on the site of the initiative - also deals with the aesthetic aspects related to the bonsai exhibition, the historical-cultural background that has led to the evolution of bonsai art, with in-depth studies of botany and phytopathology. The theoretical part is accompanied by practical work, on plants provided by the University, which includes the various stages of study, training and maintenance of bonsai, as well as the analysis of the characteristics of different species and shaping styles. "
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