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A very topical issue, that of the professional recognition of the gardener. This was discussed a lot last summer, not only among insiders, when the professional gardener activity was officially recognized in August 2016 as a law.
For the latest updates on the developments of the legislation, GardenTV has interviewed Nada Forbici, president of the province of Brescia and the regional nurserymen, called Assofloro Lombardia, member of the technical board of the national nursery chain and of the steering committee of the Ministry of Agriculture in Rome.

The 10 August 2016 was published in the official gazette the law for the recognition of the manufacturer and maintainer of the green, the regulatory process, however, it is not concluded. Can you explain what are the next regulatory steps, especially when it relates to the contents at the regional level for issuing the certificate of eligibility?

"As recalls paragraph 2 of art. 12 of Law 154/2016, the reference for the application of the law lies with the regions. Currently, regions are awaiting clarification from the legislative office of the MIPAAF asked by MISE on the same art. 12. What will be the content of the implementing decrees will see him when regions will be expressed. At the level of the Lombardy region, Assofloro Lombardia together with Coldiretti Lombardia, Confagricoltura Lombardia, Lombardia CIA and Confartigianato Lombardia shared and presented proposals for guidelines for the application decree. This proposal document has been requested and disclosed at the level of technical board of horticulture of the Ministry of Agriculture in Rome where Assofloro Lombardia, Policies sits for appointment by ministerial decree".
The recognition of the gardener's profession is the result of a process that began in late 2013 with the Lombardy Region for the legal recognition, then sent the same at national level and carried out by the associations of nurserymen, including Assofloro, with the support of the unions, who joined with the entire supply chain in a Coordination body to actively participate in the project teams who engaged in this long legislative process. How Did This coordinating body?

"Currently it is not correct to speak of 'liaison body', the work took place at the MIPAAF of the floriculture chain table in Rome, within the three-year national plan of horticulture 2014/2016, approved in the State-Regions Conference in August 2015, after the Lombardy Region in July 2014 said they could not endorse a regional law for the legal recognition of the profession if there was a national decree".

From what other associations and organizations is composed this work table?

"The composition of the members of the working table can be found on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and associations and districts are accredited by ministerial decree, the last ministerial decree that defines who has the right to participate in the current working table has given 2012".

What was the ministerial process to be accredited to participate?

"The process to be accredited is given by the representation and the representation of individual associations and districts, in addition to regions and universities".

The definition of the bill involved and consulted immediately artisans and Confartigianato to define the recognition of professional competence? When and how?

"Yes, the involvement of Confartigianato occurred from January 2015, at the meeting which was held in Milan, at the palace of the Lombardy region, again in January 2015".

The proposal was favorably received?

"The need to see the legal recognition of the profession of builder and maintainer of the green was founded jointly by both the agricultural sections, both those craftsmen, of course, if they have been able to argue with those credited to the regional and national tables".

As already assumed in our last interview, the job requirements will be consistent for all regions?

"This is what we hope".

You confirms that in the State-Region Conference will be prepared of uniform guidelines at national level to obtain a license?

"This is what was expressed during the recent CPA, where the agenda is carried an article. 12 of Law 154/2016".

To get the professional competence the gardener will have to attend training courses, perhaps issued by officers and "recognized" entities, or for issuing the certificate would also be in the study already acquired titles?

"As already said we will see what will decree the regions, to date there is no answer of what will be contained in the certificate of suitability because no region in Italy today (March 2017) is still out. I repeat, there is currently only one proposal of guidelines for a shared application decree between Assofloro Lombardy with the Lombard trade unions Confagricoltura, Coldiretti, CIA and Confartigianato presented the ADI Lombardia Region".

As a founding principle has led to the need for recognition of the professional manufacturer and maintainer of the green?

"The need arose from the need to raise the level of professionalism of our industry, particularly linked to the preservation of the heritage trees in order to bring undeclared work. From these principles we started to write the proposal of guidelines for the application decree to our Lombardy Region, and we are trying to share with the main associations and districts recognized at regional and national level".

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