Urban green, the first vertical forest in social housing


The Trudo Vertical Forest will be built in Eindhoven, a new urban forestry project realized by the Stefano Boeri Aarchitetti studio applied for the first time to social housing, aimed at a popular user and in particular for young couples. The 19-storey balconies of the building will house hundreds of trees and plants of the most varied species.
"The Eindhoven skyscraper confirms the possibility of uniting the great challenges of climate change with those of housing problems. Urban forestation is not only a necessity to improve the environment of cities in the world, but an opportunity to improve the living conditions of less well-off citizens, "says Stefano Boeri.
The Trudo Vertical Forest will be a skyscraper of 75 meters that will house on the façades 125 trees and 5,200 among shrubs and plants (a tree, 20 bushes and more than 4 square meters of terrace for each accommodation). It will create within the metropolitan environment a green habitat for the development of biodiversity, a real ecosystem with over 70 different plant species able to combat air pollution, thanks to the capacity of trees to absorb over 50 tons of carbon dioxide every year.
The characteristic of the buildings of the Boschi Verticali family is that of conceiving vegetation and living nature as constitutive elements - and no longer only ornamental - of architecture.


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