For each Italian, there are 31 square meters of green


In Italy, each inhabitant has an average of just over 31 square meters of urban green. What are the greenest cities? Pavia, Lodi and Cremona Matera. According to data from the Istat published on May 24 and which concern the presence of urban green in the Italian provincial capitals (refer to 2014), the northeastern cities are greener, with a density" of green (50 sq.m. ) per capita more than double to center, to the northwest and to the islands. To the south, the average is 42.5 square meters per capita, thanks to the high availability of the central towns of Lucania.Translated into a percentage, in 17.2% of the cities the per capita green is equal to or greater than 50 square meters per inhabitant, while in 16.4% of the cities do not reach the threshold set by the standard of 9 square meters per capita."More than half of the city - said in a statement accompanying the data on the ISTAT site - have a specific" green profile ", defined by above-average allocations of areas of urban green (18 cities), of protected natural areas (19 cities) or areas under agricultural use (28 other cities). Pavia, Lodi, Cremona and Matera are added above the average for all relevant characteristics ".The study shows that are growing urban gardens, which in 2014 had already been set up by 64 administrations (almost + 5% over the previous year).But what comprises the "urban" green? Istat said: "The areas of green historic villas and parks and gardens of uncommon beauty - that distinguish the national urban landscapes - are on average about a quarter of urban green spaces, wooded areas more than 20%, the green equipped 14%, the largest urban parks and furnishing areas both around 10%. The monumental trees (one of the components of the green protected by the Code of cultural heritage) are present in 67 capital cities. "As for the management of green heritage, are 55 municipalities that at the end of 2014 have classified the trees planted in the area of public property, 30 those who have planted new trees, 15 have made public an arboreal budget and 29 started local initiatives for the development of urban green spaces.The urban green management tool most used by the administrations is the census of the green (I realize about 3 out of four cities). In 25 capitals it is carried out monitoring aimed at ensuring the safety of trees."

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