How to create a garden in the city: free courses


For those who want a home vegetable garden, but has little room to make it happen, even a balcony or a terrace in the city, Viridea in partnership with Minoprio Foundation, organizes an in-depth meetings to learn the right techniques.
The course will be led by Virgilio Piatti, an agronomist and professor Minoprio Foundation, which will provide all the practical tips to set up a small vegetable garden, from the choice of containers and the most suitable substrate.
"They will then reviews, the organizers explain, horticultural species most suitable for growing in pots, indicating for each of the plantation era, the best exposure, subsequent maintenance treatment plant and harvest time ".
By leafy species, such as salads and herbs, and those to be berry, like eggplant and tomatoes, or root, such as carrots and radishes: Participants will be able to get a better idea of the most suitable to its needs.
For the kind of easier reproduction, Virgilio Piatti will also provide some tips on how it can be obtained from seed, and not finally miss signs of watering, fertilizing and defense fungal diseases or parasites. The agronomist will also remain available at the end of the meetings to answer specific questions and curiosity of those present.
The meetings, with open and free admission to all, will be held in Viridea Garden Center on the following dates: Saturday, March 18 Settimo Torinese and Collegno, March 25 Torri di Quartesolo, April 1 Rhone, April 8 Cusago and Rho, April 22 San Martino siccomario and Montebello della Battaglia.

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