Correct use of the chain saw: the next courses


It will be held in Genoa on September 26th and 27th and in Monza on October 1st and 2nd the "Correct use of the chainsaw" courses offered by the 3T Training, which combine theoretical information and concepts with an exhaustive practical part in the field. All the factors that, directly or indirectly, affect safety and ease of use of the chainsaw are addressed.
After getting to know better the various parts that constitute the machine and their function, it is called correct grip, ergonomics and safe positioning during use of the chain saw, without neglecting maintenance and sharpening.
It then will abatement, comparing different techniques, from the most traditional to other, widely used abroad, but recently imported into Italy, then the course will also address the limbing ground techniques, often overlooked but very important both in terms of safety and productivity.
"All the concepts covered - explanatory Training 3T - are put into practice by the students during the hours of testing in the field. During the practical part all participants realize notches, hinges, abatement cuts, etc. It also learns, to build and to properly use a hoist, valuable tool when working abatement, as reliable, fast and inexpensive implementation. In the practical part, the students will focus on using the machine Safety, putting into practice the concepts learned. "
The course instructors, besides taking care of training time, are operators who for years has daily dealing with jobs tied to trees.
At the end, with the tests passed, it will receive a certificate of training in compliance with the provisions of the Italian legislation and valid throughout the national territory.

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