I am an operator of Ornamental Nursery certificate at the Agricultural School of Monza Park (center accredited by the Lombardy Region) with which I have gained skills in maintenance of the green, knowledge in botany, agriculture, plant health and soil science, as well as specific skills in the application of techniques of horticultural industry: pruning, grafting, fertilization, reproduction, irrigation, use of equipment and machinery, etc.

I also deepened my knowledge in the field of Herbal Medicine and Fitoalimurgia through specific courses, paying particular attention to the Medicinal Plants, their cultivation techniques, their herbal applications and market aspects related to them. I also participated in the course of the first level of Agriculture Synergistic held by Alessio Mancin the "Free School synergistic Agriculture Emilia Hazelip".

I carry out the following services:

  • Maintenance gardens - Forestry clearing, pruning of trees, hedges and shrubs counseling botanical remedies to diseases, etc.
  • Organization green spaces - Development solutions for gardens, terraces and balconies, irrigation, vertical green, use of recycled materials, etc.
  • Counseling and medicinal garden - Realization gardens organic, urban gardens, medicinal gardens, etc.

Since 2016

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Company headquarter
Via Vincenzo Casagrandi 38, Catania (CT)

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