The vegetable garden on the balcony at Christmas


A special gift, different and useful, for next Christmas: the Vascone cultivation Hobby Garden Company Ortoflorovivaistica Remo Di Meo is a suitable gift to fans of the garden and those who simply want to have fresh vegetables grown with their own hands on balcony of the house during the winter.Hobby Garden is in fact a complete system of cultivation, innovative for its characteristics, allowing you to realize a dream: to grow vegetables in lush meter zero even where you do not have access to gardens or small plots of land, and at any time of year .The Vascone (115 cm x 58 xh 28; 9 kg of weight, approximately), which may contain from six to twelve plants, is equipped with a tank that supplies water according to the requirements and which allows to hydrate the roots as in nature ensuring water autonomy for about a week: a major advantage for those who work and do not have much time to devote to the care of the garden or back home late in the evening.Gift the gift for Christmas along with Vascone cultivation Hobby Garden will be given two free bags of seeds for vegetable customized according to the climate in your area and that can be planted immediately.

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