Vegetable garden for everyone, get a personal trainer


Everyone wants the garden at home, which is in the garden or on the balcony. Faced with the trend of recent years which also saw the First Lady Michelle Obama to bend down to the ground of the White House to gather vegetables, Coldiretti is launching a new professional, the personal trainer of the plants.Useful to those who want to grow carrots, eggplant, tomatoes and basil on the terrace, especially in the city, it may be the help of a tutor that reveal the secrets of the garden and showing how to make the less experienced.This then is the personal trainer who advises home.So he explained to Ansa personal trainer Cristian Minesso: More and more geraniums on the balconies were replaced by tomatoes and zucchini. People want genuine products, grown without pesticides. In addition, the care of the activity is relaxing, anti-stress. "The personal trainer has also unveiled some of the golden rules for a lush garden even on the balcony: calculate the space well, schedule times, often wetting the plants."

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