The competition that rewards the gardens in Lombardy


A competition that collects and rewards the best experiences of shared and domestic vegetable gardens in Lombardy: we are at the third edition of "Do It Yourself Garden", promoted by Associazione Nostrale and Cascina Cuccagna. Registrations are open.
The initiative stems from the desire to make urban environments ever greener and more livable and therefore intends to promote, encourage and reward the experiences of participated greenery.
“There are many - explain the organizing associations - the advantages that can be obtained from the spread of vegetable gardens in the city: more biodiversity, less waste, climate improvement, social inclusion, employment, reduction in the cost of food. Cultivating a vegetable garden also seems to have beneficial effects on our body, a positive impact on family spending and the possibility of having organic products at km0 always available. Finally it is a useful practice to learn to live differently a place that is crossed every day with the idea of improving it being active protagonists of the change.
The DIY garden competition therefore intends to highlight all the experiences of urban agriculture in the Lombardy region that tell stories of community, sharing, contamination and positive social impact on the city and families. Sustainability, environmental care and health are combined with that of people, as in the case of social gardens, which combine cultivation of the land with training, education or social inclusion activities ”.
Participating in the competition is free and can be done by associations, companies, individuals, schools and all those who take care of shared gardens where management is entrusted to a group of people (school, business, condominium, rooftop and colony gardens) vegetable). Not only that: the competition is also aimed at those who take care of a domestic space (vegetable garden on the balcony or in the garden).
Registration is open until September 8th on the website
A jury of experts will be entrusted with the task of evaluating the best projects, assigning a score that will take into account various parameters: cultivation project (production cycle, number of species present in the vegetable garden, type of cultivation ...); social fallout (aggregation and inclusion tools: teaching, events, training ...); photography (which documents the beauty and care of the garden, the order and healthiness of the crops and community in the best way); environmental sustainability (biodiversity, fertilization, seed origin ...).
The awards ceremony is set for September 28th at 6.30 pm at Cascina Cuccagna, within the program of the "Festival of vegetable gardens in the city", a day dedicated to gardening and DIY, dedicated to all green enthusiasts , on the occasion of Milan Green Week and Cascina Aperte 2019.
During the event a special award will be given to the most sustainable garden, while the public will be able to vote for the most popular garden.

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