The new Verde Latina quality brand


The Frosinone-Latina Chamber of Commerce presented within Myplant & Garden the plan for the enhancement of horticulture in the province of Latina, carried out with the contribution of Unioncamere Lazio, which among the various concrete actions led to the creation of the Green quality label Latina.
In Lazio there are 1,331 companies in the horticultural sector, 34% of these are based in the province of Latina and represent 5% of the entire Pontine agricultural sector. In the first 9 months of 2021, the sector recorded an export growth of 28%.
Among the objectives of the project are the enhancement of the horticultural typicalities of the province of Latina with an ethical and eco-sustainable approach, with a strong link to the territory, so as to promote all local resources, especially tourist ones, through plants and flowers.
"In a historical period in which cultivating trees, plants and flowers is a priority to combat pollution and climate change, horticulture needs new strategies to communicate its presence to the market and consumers. Starting from this premise, the Frosinone-Latina Chamber of Commerce, stimulated the dialogue with the entrepreneurial realities of the sector and identified the main critical issues to be addressed, with the support of Agro Camera - Special Company of the Rome Chamber of Commerce -, has built a enhancement plan to support competitiveness and economic and productive strengthening ”, explain the promoters.
The project can count not only on the favorable soil and climatic characteristics of the territory, but also on the professionalism of the companies and the tradition in cultivation.
The plan, which is made up of various actions, including the creation of the Verde Latina-Piante e Fiori brand, intends to create a quality system that respects high standards and asks participating producers to ensure a series of good practices for management eco-compatible production (choice of varieties, production techniques, harvesting, selection, packaging and marketing), to obtain products that are recognizable thanks to a guarantee mark.
The Frosinone-Latina Chamber of Commerce, current depositary of the trademark, will entrust the management of the same to the collective body (network, association, consortium) that the interested companies will decide to set up, as a sign of the desire for cohesive and shared action. The brand will be visible to consumers through a series of marketing and communication operations designed for retail (garden centers, plant and flower shops, etc.) with the creation of a branded packaging line, tools for the point of sale and information material. which will highlight the quality of production with the indication of eight ecosystemic and sustainability parameters: speed of the growth cycle, limited energy inputs, low irrigation and reuse input, low fertilizer input, hardiness, resistance to plant diseases and parasites, adaptation to the environment and insertion into the natural ecosystem.
"It is necessary to emphasize the local production system and its extraordinary distinctive characteristics, creating a communication line that on the one hand enhances a product strongly linked to the territory and on the other directs the consumer towards a horticultural production which, like the agri-food one, it has its own origin, its own history and a well-defined connotation. The brand, therefore - explains Giovanni Acampora, president of the Frosinone-Latina Chamber of Commerce - is based on very simple principles, such as originality of the cultivated material, sustainability and local origin, with the final goal being to build a system and a network of professional operators capable of making a critical mass towards the challenges of modern marketing ».
«The Frosinone-Latina Chamber of Commerce with this initiative of an institutional nature shows that it cares about the business world - adds Carlo Hausmann, general manager of Agro Camera - The Verde Latina brand does not certify products but aims to establish certain standards. The objectives are all concrete and concern the recognition of products, the connection of products to the territory, originality, environmental value, traceability and tradition ".
Among the wide range of horticultural products typical of the Latina area, which can compete to boast the quality mark, there are Mediterranean plants including: Lentisk, Alloro, Oleandro, Cisto, Corbezzolo, Mirto, Rosemary, Leccio, Sughera, Gelsomino , Lantana and Hibiscus. Among the typical Mediterranean and ornamental plants: Bougainvillea and Euphorbia pulcherrima known as Poinsettia or Christmas star which, coming from Mexico, has found

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