Verde Passione



Verde Passione

Degree in Urban Green Management and Landscape (University of Pisa)
Specialized Degree in Manufacturing Sciences and Plant Protection (University of Pisa)
Qualification Manager of green recreational and sports (University of Pisa)
Specialization green design; vertical green; Zen Garden (Monza)
Since 2010, entered the list of experts for the assignment of collaboration assignments at the National Institute of Agricultural Economics and a member since 2013 of the Royal Horticultural Society UK
He worked as a laboratory technician at the Center for Analysis and Research on Agro-environmental Demeter (PT)
He worked as technical assistance, at nurseries, growers and operators of the Green Tuscany
He lectured at professional institutes
He worked at the Environment Office of the City of Lucca
In 2013 he founded the Green Passion, which deals with the design, construction and maintenance of green gardens and terraces. Among its objectives: meet the demands of clients, enhancing green spaces in a sustainable way, minimizing the maintenance and fuel consumption.

She collaborates with architects and selected nurseries, especially in Tuscany, Liguria and Lombardy and writes for magazines such as Gardenia, My garden and house in bloom.

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Verde Passione
Via Matteotti 1, Vedano al Lambro (MB)

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