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Verdelite di Ramon Colombo & C. Sas

Verdelite is the first web agency dedicated to ortoflorovivaistiche companies
The company offers web services and specialized graphics for companies of Green, ie Nurseries, seed companies, garden centers, market gardeners and all those companies that hover near this market (producers of fertilizers, potting soil, pots, etc.).
The web agency based in Cesena and we are located close to some of the most important Italian seed companies (Cooperativa Agricola Cesena, L'Ortolano, Sativa, Euroseed, Rem Seed, Anseme, SAIS, SUBA), in the heart of Romagna, rich nursery and vegetable-fruit growers. However, we operate throughout the national territory, so that you have a nursery in Pistoia, you produce aromatic Albenga, flowers in Latina or citrus plants in Sicily, please contact us.
The green we have it in our DNA, and we truly believe that no one will know how our web agency.
Born as a division of Ramberti Linea Verde Srl (later acquired in 2011 by the Company Litobm, with which we work today), we want to be the privileged partner for companies that have decided to bring their business network, guided by those on the green market He knows well.
Whether nurserymen, growers, gardeners, garden centers or seed companies, we are sure that we can help you to have greater visibility, in Italy and abroad, thanks to the development of the internet and positioning sites on search engines, traditional and web graphics graphic, combining digital printing services, in small and large format.
Why choose the Verdelite Services?
Our ambition is to position ourselves among the most dynamic and enterprising player in the web services landscape ortoflorovivaistiche to Italian companies and, perhaps in the near future, including foreign companies.Thanks to the expertise acquired in the print supply and services to the professionals of the Green in the past 10 years, first with Ramberti Lineaverde and today with Litobm, the company leader in printing and packaging production for Ortoflorovivaismo, we are able to provide value He added that, to date, no web agency in Italy can boast: the knowledge of the "Green Market".
Every day we work alongside our customers and together we evaluate the needs and solutions to possible problems, from initial stages to those related to the finished product or to the final consumer: we visit the stores, the factories and sales offices, and we know the timing of the sector.
We are not perfect, but we will give it all to provide the highest quality product.
This is us, nice to meet you.


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Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Verdelite di Ramon Colombo & C. Sas
Via Giordano Bruno 146, Cesena (FC)

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