Construction and maintenance of parks and gardens, construction of irrigation systems, pruning and felling of tall trees Verso il Verde: Creation and maintenance of gardens
Verso il Verde di Alberto Corbetta



Verso il Verde di Alberto Corbetta

Every green space has its characteristics and its needs and that is why, after an inspection, we offer you the best solution.

Implementation of projects tailored to your green space. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, with possible seasonal, annual and multi-year plans to cover every requirement of your garden.
Lawn cutting, fertilization and phytosanitary treatments for the control of plant diseases and weeds.

Pruning and felling of shrubs and tall trees.
Creation of terraces with vases, plants and furnishing elements.
Irrigation systems tailored to your needs

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Verso il Verde di Alberto Corbetta
Via Magellano 2, Seregno (MB)

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