A vertical vegetable garden for the terrace and balcony


Cultivate your vegetable garden on the terrace or on the balcony even without having a green thumb and with little space: Hexagro presents Poty, the vertical garden that wants to revolutionize the concept of urban farming by bringing man closer to nature by creating a community of urban farmer.
The project was developed by Hexagro, a hi-tech company specializing in vertical farming that combines technological research with projects with a high social impact with the aim of changing current agricultural models
Respond to the recent crisis caused by Covid-19 in a strong and concrete way, to trace the route towards a more sustainable lifestyle and in contact with nature by creating a community that shares the same values. This is the mission of Poty (https://it.hexagro.io/poty), a product just launched by Hexagro, a company born in 2016 and always committed to implementing vertical agriculture technologies, in Europe as in many developing countries , to put everyone in a position to access healthy food.
The company has also received important awards from the MacArthur Foundation and the Solar Impulse Foundation for its work in the field of vertical farming.
"With Poty we want to make urban farming known and bring agriculture back to the places where people, urban centers live daily, allowing them to be able to grow what is necessary without using chemical pesticides and above all containing food waste" - continues Alessandro Grampa - "But above all to rediscover the well-being that gardening and more generally taking care of plants brings to people who have no way of living in close contact with nature."
Poty, in fact, is a vertical vegetable garden made from recycled and recyclable materials built for outdoor spaces, including small ones, such as balconies or terraces, perfect for installation in the city. Like a kind of lego, Poty looks like a vertically modular structure made up of several four-leaf clover-shaped vases, which can contain up to 40 plants in its largest "size".
With Poty it is possible to grow small fruits, leafy vegetables and normal vegetables and seasonal aromatic plants.
A perfect solution even for those who fear not having the green thumb needed to test themselves and cultivate independently on their balcony. Poty presents, in fact, an autonomous irrigation system, which will be enough to assemble guided by the integrated digital assistant. In fact, the vertical garden of Hexagro is not a simple structure of pots but is a real platform where there is a chatbot that guides the user in the various stages of cultivation, also giving advice based on how you feel in that moment. In fact, to encourage the search for well-being, the digital assistant recommends, where required, various gardening activities that can be carried out with Poty, with the aim of increasing both mental and physical well-being.
And if the fruits are slow to arrive or the leaves of your plant turn yellow, just take a photo, send it to the chatbot and an agronomist from Hexagro will be able to give the right suggestion. Finally, it suggests everything you need to grow: the catalog is constantly updated and will count to over 100 varieties of plants by September, and above all how to use them in the kitchen.

Each component of Poty is made of metal or recycled plastic, the goal is to develop a circular economy model to combat waste and reuse every material. More generally, Poty aims to create a community of people united by the same lifestyle. Therefore allowing everyone to be able to grow on their own products that are not always available on the market, taking advantage of minimal spaces, and creating real urban farmers who can connect with each other, exchange good cultivation practices as well as the products grown or even grow together. There is also the social aspect, which has always invested every project developed with Hexagro. For each Poty sold, the company installs new modules to be installed in social projects through Hexagro Siembra Vertical. The project, currently particularly active in Colombia with the support of the NGO Fundaces, aims to support the communities most vulnerable to climate change and who have greater difficulties in adopting sustainable agriculture practices, through the installation of vertical farming systems .

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