Via Monte Napoleone, from fashion to the way the gardens


The most famous Milan fashion goes green. In fact, the Association Montenapoleone, in collaboration with Orticolario, organizes In Hortus Varietas, an initiative that will take place from 1 to 10 May 2015 and that for ten days will transform Via Montenapoleone in the garden more beautiful and rich city, in a succession of platforms that will host different types of gardens and synergistic design objects related Italian and international excellence.In Hortus Varietas will be the first of many events that the Association MonteNapoleone realize for the duration of Expo 2015 and will represent an important moment of confrontation on the exploitation of the earth through the beauty and exclusivity.In line with the theme of Expo 2015, the gardens of synergistic In Hortus Varietas represent a new method of cultivation that allows you to return to the land, in terms of energy, more than you take, promoting the mechanisms of self-fertility of the soil.Each installation horticulture will be enriched by one or more design objects that will be placed in context and to create a pleasant synergy of excellence in the field of outdoor furnishings.The exhibition will be curated by landscaped Orticolario, the event dedicated to gardening evolved that gives six years, in 3 days of exposure at Villa Erba on Lake Como, fascinating emotions related to the world of the garden and its culture. We are flattered that the Association MonteNapoleone we wanted to be involved in this exciting project" In Hortus Varietas "- says Moritz Mantero, president of Orticolario - I think they chose because we have demonstrated the ability to combine the best of beauty and elegance, features which will undoubtedly bring us together. Orticolario is, in fact, an event that aims to educate the green and beauty through a style of communication staff and nice, a bit 'as the brands that have found a home in Via Montenapoleone"."

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