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Viglietta Group

When, in 1933, the company was founded by Giovanni Viglietta his activities included both retail and wholesale; in October 1972, the founder and his son, rag. Matteo, gave body to Viglietta Matteo & C. sas is the current company transformed into spa, exclusively addressed to wholesale. Subsequently, in 1979, he founded the Hardware SardoPiemontese spa which is based in the province of Oristano in Sardinia, and finally the last born, in 1988, the Vuemme Ltd whose headquarters is located in the province of Alexandria. The Viglietta Group consists of 3 companies specialized in the sale, exclusively to resellers, hardware items, tools, construction, gardening, plumbing, DIY and home. With a range of over 20,000 items and always attentive to market developments, the Viglietta Group is able to meet the varied demands of customers. Viglietta MATTHEW spa is located in Via Torino, 55 - 12045 Fossano (CN). Tel. 0172 638.211, email: FERRAMENTA SARDO PIEMONTESE spa from sene S.S. 131 Km 100.250 to 09,700 Zeddiani (OR). Tel. 0783 41.79.1, email: VUEMME Ltd. is headquartered in Alexandria Road, 11-15044 Quargnento (AL). Tel. 0131 519.211, email:

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