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Vigorplant Italia srl

Vigorplant Italy, leader in the production of molds, was founded in 1975 as a small craft business. Thanks to continuous investments in technology and innovation and attention always given to the choice of raw materials, the company has significantly developed over the years, we are now known to have a widespread presence throughout the domestic market, expanding its activities on an area of 270 thousand square meters, becoming the first company in Italy, and the third in Europe, sales volumes, quality and variety of substrates intended for hobby and professional field. The continued growth has led to Vigorplant also build a new logistics center to better manage material storage and loading goods flow, optimizing time and space. Today, the company is able to offer services at the top of the industry with a diverse range of professional substrates and specialty formulated to meet the specific needs of each client. A Fombio, where since 1990 Vigorplant has its productive heart, come the best of peat moss on the market. The peats, selected according to the structural characteristics, are calibrated and blended with other raw materials, together with fertilizers, carbonate and other additives, to obtain the desired physical-chemical characteristics. The substrates are formulated to meet the needs of all types of plant species, so that Vigorplant now boasts more than 400 different formulations, designed by a highly qualified technical department. The careful control along the entire production chain, from the procurement process to packaging, guarantees the excellence of Vigorplant products.
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Vigorplant Italia srl
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