Villa Carlotta remains open online


If for this year the season of Villa Carlotta had to be interrupted in advance, in compliance with the Prime Minister's Decree and the anti Covid-19 measures, the museum and garden activities continue online, pending reopening in the spring.
The weekly calendar of events in streaming offers in-depth information, guided tours, workshops for adults and children. For all information and registration you can consult the "events" section of the Villa Carlotta website (at this link).
The calendar runs until January 16, 2021
November 28, 3 pm "Let's explore Villa Carlotta: discovering the garden"
December 5, 3 pm "Sculpture and mythology"
12 December, 3 pm "Waiting for Christmas, herbal medicine laboratory"
19 December, 3 pm "Waiting for Christmas, art stories for everyone"
January 9, 3 pm "The great sages of Villa Carlotta"
January 16, 3 pm "Neoclassicism: insights and comparisons"


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