Villa della Pergola turns blue


Flowers of exceptional beauty, which differ in size and color of the blooms and the height of the stems, can be seen every Saturday and Sunday with guided tours by appointment beginning at 30.09, at 11.30, 15.00 and 17.00. Originating in southern Africa, the first agapanthus were introduced to Villa della Pergola at the end of the nineteenth century by the first English owners. With the recovery of 22,000 square meters of the park by landscape architect Paul Pejrone, it was created an extensive collection with new species, in the logic of wanting to preserve the botanical characteristics of this typical English garden. In addition, from mid-June and throughout the summer, there will be blooms of Hydrangea Annabelle, vigorous shrubs by large white flowers, hydrangeas and Quercifoglie, characterized by leaves similar to those of American oak and inflorescences with conical ; of Lantana, whose flowers tend to change color during flowering; Oleander, the lush flowering evergreen shrubs; of Buccinatorie, climbing plants flowers trumpet-shaped and bignonia - climbing plants vigorous and blooming that can grow up to 10 meters high. Between July and August are blooming water lilies - received in fountains and rock pools - and lotus flowers grown in tubs retrieved from ancient cisterns that were used to collect rainwater for irrigation of the park, carefully restored in 2006 and He made operational again as the entire water supply of the Garden.On the large terrace overlooking the Gulf of Alassio there is the Restaurant of Villa della Pergola (open to the public every day) an exclusive and fascinating that brings to life the atmosphere fin de siècle" of one of the most enchanting Riviera. The restaurant, run by chef Maurizio Dagrada, offers dishes prepared with ingredients linked to the territory and the Ligurian tradition, partly revisited: the local fish, typical pastries, the famous cakes, DOP oil from Liguria, a selection of the finest wines land and cheeses of the mountains inland. All enriched by the products of the season as the spiny artichoke, purple asparagus, zucchini trumpet and tomato heart ox typical of the Plain of Albenga, the largest floodplain in the region, also known as "the garden of Liguria"."

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