The vineyard in the garage to discover the viticulture


The installation 'The vineyard in the garden' by the art historian and landscape architect Claudia Zanfi, has transformed the space of a disused former garage in the center of Milan on a journey to discover the ancient Italian tradition of viticulture, of which the area was deeply marked by numerous historical traces, including the ancient vineyard of Leonardo da Vinci. The project includes a path through a small vineyard, surrounded by a typical Italian garden, with botanical essences of the Mediterranean, as well as ivy, surfinie, acanthus, many perennials, and more. 'A sensory experience that weaves the texture of foliage, the various shades of green, blue-purple blooms remember the grape color, the smells of the woods and the must, the sounds of a summer afternoon in the countryside.Continues the collaboration between Green Island and the District 5VIE art + desgin after previous joint activities for the Secret Garden of Terraggio.The exhibition will last until June 30, 2015, from 10.00 to 18.00, at the Space Sanremo, Via della Zecca Vecchia 3 (MI).

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