Carnivorous plants: a free course to meet and grow them


Knowing and recognizing, capturing and cultivating carnivorous plants: Viridea proposes, from 9 September to 28 October, a free two-hour cycle of meetings, conducted by Marco Piccolo, Guide Naturalistica, a collector of carnivorous plants and a member of the Italian Association of Carnivorous Plants.
The expert will provide an introduction to the world of carnivorous plants by presenting the main genres and species, capturing techniques and various curiosities. The presentation will be accompanied by an exhibition of specimens belonging to its private collection, which the present will have the opportunity to observe and touch closely.
Subsequently, techniques of cultivation and propagation will be illustrated, with practical advice and a chance to assist live in the divisions, replanting and planting of plants. The dr. Marco Piccolo will remain available at the end of the meeting to answer specific questions and curiosity of the present.

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