How to use moss as a vase


Viridea offers from Saturday, November 5th a free meetings to discover all the secrets of Kokedama, ancient Japanese technique that involves the use of moss to hold the plant in place of the classic vase.
What Kokedama the bread of earth of plants is not enclosed by a vessel but from a moss tied with twine wrapper, with a result not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly and sustainable for the environment. The plant must be dipped from time to time in a basin of water to ensure the plant and to moss the right amount of moisture.
The meetings, lasting two hours, will be taught by Irene Cuzzaniti, architect of the gardens and landscape designer, Founder of the design and dissemination of Twentytrees green. After a theoretical part, dedicated to the origin of Kokedama and the choice of the most suitable plants, the expert will present in detail one of the various techniques for achieving them, creating a live Kokedama that can be hung, to create a striking micro-plant world flying, or just leaning on a saucer.
The courses are free, do not require registration.

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