Viridea: designing the garden of dreams


Viridea organizes Saturday, September 27 in Viridea Garden Center of Rho and Cusago (MI), a free course to learn how to transform reality in the garden of their dreams, thanks to the secrets of an expert landscaper. The meetings, lasting two hours, will be held by Maury Dattilo, garden designer, presenter of Radio 3 program on the culture of green and author of the book Fools Gardeners: stories of love and green" (Ed. Pendragon). The expert will explain how to properly design private green space, starting from the analysis of the place and space planning, to the choice of materials and installation of the green. Will also present the different types of garden and essential operations of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. After the meeting, Maury Dattilo will remain available to all present to answer questions and curiosity. The courses are free of charge, does not require registration and will be held according to the following schedule: Viridea Garden Center Rho (MI): Saturday, September 27, 10:00 am - tel. 02/93208201 Viridea Garden Center Cusago (MI): Saturday 27 September, 15.00 - tel. 02/90390787"

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