Arese: Viridea inaugurates the new garden center


With its 5400 square meters and other 1200 discovery area dedicated to the nursery, the new garden center Viridea arises in a highly visible position inside dell'Arese shopping center, the largest shopping center in Italy. For Viridea is the ninth point of sale, characterized by a product path similar to the one that has persisted in other centers scattered throughout the country, including the organic food department (already tested in the Battle of Montebello store). The signals we have received from the market in recent years prompt us to be optimistic regarding this new challenge - comenta Fabio Rappo, founder and CEO of Viridea - The opening of the garden in Arese center gives us a larger presence in the Milan and allow at the same time to reach a much larger customer base. Also be placed inside a shopping center so wide opens us up to new ideas and different business scenarios than what was experienced to date. We are proud to go back to development because we believe it is the only path that allows us to improve the overall efficiency of the company and offer growth opportunities to the most deserving colleagues. "On the occasion of the new opening we were hired 30 new figures, including employees and department managers, who will work alongside the existing 400 employees in the workforce.In 2015 the eight Viridea Garden Center have collectively received over 6 million visitors recorded a turnover of 56.9 million Euros, an increase of 9% over the previous year, as confirmed the leading position of the company in the Italian market reference."

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