Viridea srl Società agricola


Garden center

Viridea srl Società agricola

Viridea is a chain of garden centers, ideal place to give vent to the passions; the plant, animal and mineral is our everyday thinking. Everything revolves around this thought; courses, events, and always new attractions alternate following the occurrences of the period; every opportunity we can to transform ourselves and make the visit a party.

Viridea is present in the following regions and cities:

  • Lombardy Cusago, Rho, Rhone, Montebello della Battaglia, San Martino Siccomario and Arese.
  • Veneto Torri di Quartesolo.
  • Piedmont Collegno, Settimo Torinese.

Since 1997

You can find us

Lombardia, Piemonte...
Company headquarter
Viridea srl Società agricola
Viale Europa 11, Cusago (MI)

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