Solidarity in the garden center


A solidarity initiative in the garden center at the next Christmas. Until December 22, you will be able to take part in Viridea's "Letter for a Dream", an idea organized in collaboration with the Ciai, the Italian Children's Aid Center. That's how.
From 3 November to 22 December, for each letter to Santa Claus that children will embellish in the appropriate mailbox placed within the Viridea outlets, the company will donate 1 euro to the onlus to support the educational center located in Milan, in the district Stadera, where Ciai started the project "All in the center! Educational area for children ".
It will be Gioele Dix, a highly affectionate CIAI testimonial for many years, to invite children to join the initiative enthusiastically with a video message recorded for the occasion at one of Santa Claus post offices set up by Viridea.
"With the project" Letter for a Dream ", we do not only intend to give a solid sign of solidarity at Christmas - comments Luca Pelliciari, Viridea's Communication Manager - but we want to offer children the chance to turn a simple gesture into something much more great. The wishes of so many will become the realization of a single common dream, to help all the children who live in difficult situations, even here in Italy. "
As part of the "Letter for a Dream" initiative, there will be a free workshops in the Viridea Garden Center, during which children will be able to create and decorate their own personalized lettering in Santa's mailbox . Full information and calendar on


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