Vivai "Elisa"

The farm Vivaistica "Elisa" was founded in October 1997 with the idea of a production nursery of ornamental outdoor plants. Set on two hectares of land in the Town Capanne (Perugia) and specializes in the production of potted some varieties of Buxus and many hedge essences, ground cover and flowering shrubs. With the passion and the love for a job in which to create a form of life, rewarding both its creator is one who carries on after purchase, we turn our attention to the balance of the biological cycle of the plant in its first phase growth and try to give a product as healthy and suitable to the climatic conditions of our region. In fact, the choice of variety in the production of our plants is in strong correlation aspect climate adaptation in Umbria. Varietal selections we chose comply canons of robustness to low winter temperatures, to increasingly scarce rainfall and the characteristics of our soils. Trying to give quality and efficient service in terms of quality and quantity, we are pursuing the idea that it can be ornamental plants a reality in expansion units at affordable cost to have it installed on private and / or public green spaces, in harmony with the great importance that this sector plays in relation to the livability of our planet.
Since 1997

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Company headquarter
Vivai "Elisa"
Via Pievaiola Loc. Capanne, Perugia (PG)

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