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From a tradition that distinguishes us from the early '50s, Nurseries Nature Project work in the nursery sector with the experience passed down for two generations. Our company has taken the first steps in peach production and screws passing then in the 70s gradually to ornamental plants, reaching up to now with the production of outdoor plants of all types of medium or large size, grown both in container and in open field, using the most advanced techniques in the tradition, renovation and design from the smallest of gardens in the largest of the parks. Our production ranges from potted plants ready to alberaure effect of considerable size always satisfying both the private client, is that of the public sector. We also have a maintenance service for parks and gardens. Nurseries Nature Project is structured so as to achieve excellent results even in tight time frame and at any time of year. Our company has a technical department in charge of the design of green areas. After an inspection of the customer in order to assess the needs, considering the factors for the environmental choice, what kind of plants locate, in which graphics-naturalistic context enter the trees or bushes so as to combine all the aesthetic factors ease of maintenance of each individual plant. Our experts will then advise the interventions to be carried out on the area as walkways, fountains, irrigation or lighting.

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Vivai Progetto Natura
Viale Postumia 100, Villafranca di Verona (VR)

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