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Vivai Trevisan

It founded in 1975, since its inception the company has focused on cultivating the nature nurturing young plants, designing gardens and green spaces, to give our children an increasingly green world, free from the greyness of concrete and pollution.

The vocation for the land and care for the environment, have led soon our company to work for large companies and public bodies, creating works of environmental recovery, restoration of quarries, idrosemine and naturalistic works of fine engineering, in particular in Triveneto and extending its market to Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

Today the company uses, as well as of its own skilled personnel, trained internally and with specific professional courses, also consult technical and external partners to ensure the highest quality service and efficiency.

In our corporate headquarters, as well as offices, warehouses, to the shelter of the media, is the point of sale, the garden center, for the sale of plants, garden furniture and much more. For several years, moreover, it was made an online shop to satisfy all customers with maximum efficiency, wherever they are.

Since 1975

You can find us

Friuli Venezia Giulia
Company headquarter
Vivai Trevisan
Via Strada Alta 7, San Vito al Tagliamento (PN)

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