Vivai Verdein



Vivai Verdein

Inside the nursery, the Verdein company offers a wide range of garden plants, apartment and terrace. Also it has an assorted bonsai center and everything for the care of plants and bonsai.
The SS Az. Agricultural Verdein Masullo Gennaro & C is a company specialized in construction and maintenance of public and private green areas.
Our efforts are aimed at large and small private gardens, balconies and terraces, but also green for the industrial and commercial areas, public green.
We create automated irrigation systems for lawns, trees and shrubs, flower beds, vegetable gardens and family orchards.
Among our activities also felling and pruning of large trees, pruning of palm trees in tree-climbing, redevelopment of existing green areas, green and winter pruning for hedges, bushes and trees.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Vivai Verdein
Via Irno 48/C, Pontecagnano Faiano (SA)

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