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Vivaio Pinzaglia

Accurate detail and variety of plants: the Vivaio Pinzaglia will transform your garden into a lush space.

Nestled in an unspoilt natural environment, typical of Tuscia Viterbo, Vivaio Pinzaglia extends over three hectares of land in the municipality of Bassano in Teverina; is easily reachable along the Ortana provincial road or the Orte - Viterbo freeway. It takes just a few minutes to understand that for Francesca Pinzaglia plants are more than a job: it is learned from the attention of the details and the great variety of plants the nursery has. Wide is the collection of perennial herbs and shrubs, with different colors and shapes. Everything is prepared to form beautiful compositions, which immediately give the impression of being in a harmonious environment where color is the predominant key. Francesca Pinzaglia, landscapist and painter, owner of Vivaio Pinzaglia, personally cares for the company in all its activities: direct sales, design and realization of gardens.

"An environment of any shape and size can be transformed into a beautiful garden," says Francesca Pinzaglia. "But it is crucial to choose the right essences and to find the perfect balance between the plants and the environment. In this light, the design phase or the design of the garden is very important, it is the track on which to work. "

The garden activities are very varied. We make production, direct sales to customers, garden design and realization, outfits, floral decorations for events.

We have an extensive collection of perennial herbaceous shrubs and herbs, among them especially gramineae of each species. It goes from indigenous plants to rare and sophisticated plants, from tropical plants to conifers, from cactus to seasonal.

In the Garden area you can also find handmade cooked pots, high quality pottery and a thousand other gift ideas, or for your own home.

In the company we have been building gardens for over 30 years. We are available for inspection and advice.

The job is to advise customers to create the garden that best suits their needs whilst respecting the natural landscape in which they are placed. We give the same importance to the small as well as to the large garden.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Vivaio Pinzaglia
Via Valle Rote 7, Bassano in Teverina (VT)

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