Management of waste from mowing and pruning: the Ministry clarifies


With a note of what day ago, the Ministry of Environment has intervened, with a clarification about the issue of the legal regime of mowing and pruning of green, indicating that can be exempted from the rules on waste when they fulfill the requirements of the environmental code in order to be classified as by-products.The news was that Coldiretti has repeatedly urged the ministerial opinion. What intervenes - explanatory Coldiretti - to clarify the misunderstanding generated by reading a note of the same Ministry (prot.8890 / TRI / DI of 18 March 2011) that, in responding to a question put by the Province of Mantua, had stated that the exclusion from the system of waste provided for in Article 185 of the environmental code is only applicable to cuttings, prunings and other materials that come from agricultural or forestry use and which are intended for use in agricultural activities or for the production of energy, recalling, for other types of waste (such as those arising from the maintenance of urban green) the provision that defines municipal waste. "Now the Ministry precise that even the residue from mowing and pruning activities not covered by Article 185, for example because they are not of agricultural origin, can still be classified as by-products."


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