Water-saving irrigation computer


Save water and time in the garden: Gardena launches the new Easy, EasyPlus, Flex, Select, Master irrigation computers to make automatic irrigation increasingly innovative and able to respond to any need.
A complete range of 4 models able to satisfy everyone's needs, both for less experienced users and for the most skilled enthusiasts: Easy, EasyPlus, Flex are ideal for beginners, Select is perfect for regular users.
The new irrigation computers share a removable and interchangeable user interface, easy to program, comfortable and intuitive, with unique and innovative features that are water resistant.
Equipped with the innovative "Safe Stop" technology that prevents irrigation if the battery level is too low and, besides, regardless of the programs set, they allow manual irrigation with automatic stop to be able to give water to the plants freely in any moment.
The Easy, EasyPlus and Flex models allow flexible programming thanks to the innovative rotation and pressure function. Ideal in combination with the Micro-Drip-System, they allow short watering cycles to water potted plants.
The Easy model, easy to set thanks to its rotary knob, allows you to select from 17 preset programs of your choice, with durations (from 1 to 60 min) and frequencies (every 4/8/12/24/48/72 hours) preset.
The EasyPlus model is easily adjustable by turning the 2 knobs it is equipped to select up to 60 different combinations of duration (from 1 to 120 min) and frequency (every 4/8/12/24/48/72 hours) and 16 different settings for use in conjunction with the Gardena nebulizer set (duration: 5/10/20/30 sec - frequency: every 1/3/5/10 min).
The Easy and EasyPlus models also allow you to postpone the start time in steps of 1 h.
The Flex model has a simple interface that allows programming at will through an ergonomic rotary knob and two buttons to define the start time, duration (from 1 sec to 99 min) and frequency (every 4/6/8 / 12/24/48/72 hours) proposed.
It can also be connected to the Gardena humidity sensor for greater water savings and the LCD display, of which it is equipped, allows clear visibility of the data.
The Select model is ideal for those who want more programming options, but love practicality. The Select irrigation computer allows you to set up to three independent programs, easily adjustable by turning the knob and confirming with the button. Start irrigation settable at will (duration from 1 min to 3 h), with the possibility of selecting the days of the week. The easily readable LCD display shows all the settings at a glance. Connectable to the Gardena humidity sensor, to save water when the ground is already sufficiently damp.

Finally, for the most demanding, the Master model allows you to easily set up to 6 independent irrigation programs, with a single knob and a confirmation button (watering duration: from 1 min to 4 h with possibility to select the days of the week) . Extremely flexible, it is possible to regulate the duration of all the programs based on the season and climatic conditions. The Master model can be combined with the automatic water dispenser and the Gardena humidity sensor. The large LCD display with texts in 15 languages and the clear symbolism, clearly readable, make it extremely practical and innovative.

In the cover image, the Master model

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