The weather station for an easier garden


To have a perfect green thumb, the first aspect to consider daily is the weather, because it greatly affects the growth of plants and determines the type of care or the amount of water needed.
Netatmo's Intelligent Weather Station and its accessories - the Intelligent Rain Gauge and the Intelligent Anemometer - thanks to the measurement of various climatic factors, help users understand and manage the health of their flowers at all times.
The device measures the external temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure in real time and sends the user personalized notifications when one of the parameters changes considerably.
For example, when the temperature drops considerably and it becomes necessary to better protect the plants from temperature changes. In addition, the dedicated app keeps track of the historical data to allow you to understand, for example, a possible delay in flowering.
The Intelligent Rain Gauge records how much rain has fallen in a day and at a given time and this allows you to save money, watering only when the plants need it. For an even more effective result, it is also possible to connect the device to the connected irrigation system, which automatically stops when it rains.
With the Smart Anemometer, users receive an alert in case of strong wind so they can prepare. In fact, the device provides an accurate measurement of wind speed and direction, essential for correct irrigation and for greater protection.
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