Where to go to see the most beautiful blooms of spring


Expanses of tulips, azaleas, daffodils, hyacinths, but also irises, wisteria and rhododendrons: a riot of colors and scents ready to explode in the parks and most beautiful gardens in Italy. The network The most beautiful park in Italy" has selected some of the most beautiful blooms next spring and offers a full calendar of events in the green, between March and May.*TULIPANOMANIA*At **Park Garden Sigurtà**, in Valeggio sul Mincio, they have already begun to bloom a million bulbs. During "Tulip mania" (until April 30), park visitors can watch the most important flowering (and not only) Italian tulips, second in Europe. A show that is renewed every year, 600 thousand square meters in the Garden.*BULBS OF EVELINA PISANI*The "Bulbs of Evelina Pisani" will color instead the park of **Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin** (in Vescovana, in the province of Padua) from March 14 to April 15. Here you can enjoy a creative installation of six thousand Dutch tulips of different species, a colorful and poetic glance.*A COLLECTION OF GLICINI*Instead reopen March 19 the **Villa della Pergola** gardens (Alassio, Savona) to show the public the suggestive flowering of a botanical collection that includes more than twenty varieties of wisteria and a unique collection of agapanthus in Europe (more than 350 varieties). "These gardens - suggest as" The Most Beautiful Italian Park "- expertly combine the typical Mediterranean vegetation and rare plants of exotic flora."*400MILA BULBS IN MERANO*The **Trauttmansdorff Castle** gardens are ready instead to celebrate 15 years of opening as of March 15, with the flowering of more than 400 thousand bulbs in the 12 hectares of spectacular botanical theater that opens in the center of Merano.*THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF PEONIE*The **Moutan Botanical Center**, in Vitorchiano (Viterbo), wait instead enthusiasts from early April to late May


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