Working in the cold: the importance of clothing


Made of Merinos wool, suitable to be worn even for many hours and able to protect from the cold at any time of work, the Alaska sweaters by Worik demonstrate how important the right clothing is for those who have to work even for long periods at work. open. One of our professional gardener wore them during a few days of pruning and gave a more than positive feedback. We therefore asked the company to explain how they are designed, what are the advantages and strengths, and for whom they are suitable. Here's how Jacopo Pea, CEO of Zero3 for the WORIK® brand responded.

How do Alaska jerseys respond to the needs of gardeners and garden maintainers?
The natural antibacterial properties of Merinos wool allow you to maintain maximum hygiene even after intensive and prolonged use. In addition, the thermoregulating capabilities of this excellent fiber, which dries quickly, help to ensure physiological comfort even during activities that alternate moments of effort with moments of static.

What are the main strengths of this line?
Absolute comfort and perfect fit for work use.

The sweaters are made of fine fabrics: what characteristics do they have?
Merinos wool is a natural fiber with very high sensory comfort, thermoregulating, breathable and antibacterial. Absolutely the finest in the world, 100% natural and biodegradable merino wool is at the same time a valuable aid in preventing joint pain and dampening vibrations thanks to its comfortable softness. Being much thinner than ordinary wool, it is soft and pleasant to the touch, therefore able to reduce irritation and possible allergies.

Seamless technology: what is it and what does it involve?
It is a textile technology that allows the production of sweaters and trousers without the typical assembly seams on the hips with the aim of offering an unparalleled fit and comfort.

How are the garments designed?
In a first phase we start with the selection of the yarns to be used, then in the second phase we proceed with the 3D design of the garments. Finally, a prototype is made which is tested before final production.

Can you tell us something about the provenance of the materials?
The Merinos wool used is of Australian origin and comes from 100% mulesing free farms in full respect of the health and well-being of the sheep.

Washing: how to do it, what to look out for, strengths?
The washing method must be the same as that used for a wool sweater: with a "wool" program if in the washing machine or a delicate hand wash to keep the characteristics of the fiber intact.

What other items of clothing do you recommend for gardening / landscaping workers?
Active UP! Thermo for the autumn / winter period and Active UP! Climate for the spring / summer season have characteristics of active graduated compression that can certainly improve blood flow and reduce the fatigue of workers in this sector.


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