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In Italy, the companies that have bet on green" won. These are the findings from the study of GreenItaly 2014, the ratio of Symbola Foundation and Unioncamere, which paints a positive trend for these green entrepreneurs. It is a landscape company wide and varied, ranging from the most traditional to high-tech, from food, building, gardening, moving from manufacturing to chemical energy waste. In this group of eco investors saw 18.8% increase in sales in 2013. It is a group of companies that has a profile much more competitive than the average: 19.6% exports steadily, compared with 9 4% of those who do not invest in products and green technologies. But what are the green jobs with no future? The list is long and varied, ranging from risk managers to the green copywriter, agronomist who select species resistant to climate change geologist specializing in hydrogeological, the expert nature guide remediation, the designer of solar energy systems to carpenter specializing in building super-insulated roof. But in reality in almost all sectors there are segments, more or less consistent, reconverting the logic of greater efficiency and less impact. Certainly in some cases, the tendency is more distinct. Chemistry is undergoing conversion green. Agriculture sees further moves towards organic. The waste management needs of chemical and managers capable of managing the transition from landfill to recycling. The building was marked by a radical change and asks designers, energy efficiency experts, specialists in materials with high insulation and low environmental impact. The green Italian, better than the German Ability to withstand global competition and investment green run in parallel: Italy advances in fields where innovation and environmental awareness are unchanged. Since the crisis, foreign sales of our manufacturing has grown more than the German one percentage: 16.5% versus 11.6%."


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