2018: the year of green in the city


Green in the city will be a topic of great importance for the year that has just begun, and not just thanks to the Green Bonus. It will indeed be an Italian city hosting the first edition of the "World forum on urban forests", the world forum on the urban forests of the FAO: the appointment is in Mantua, from 28 November to 1 December 2018.
The forum will bring together representatives of governments (national and local), research institutes, NGOs, urban planners, urban foresters, arborists, landscape architects, designers and green professionals in general for "the exchange of experiences and lessons learned - reads the presentation - and discussing possible long-term partnerships on the development of urban forest strategies and the identification of solutions based on nature towards a greener, healthier and happier future ".
The organizers explain on the website www.wfuf2018.com: "Regional discussions have been taking place in Europe and North America for several years and, more recently, they have been launched in Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Growing participation in the 'Trees for Cities' virtual forum, as well as in other forums, groups and blogs on urban forests, green infrastructure and related issues, suggests that the time is ripe for a global process to improve communication and networking between professionals, scientists and decision-makers who deal with the environmental aspects of urban and peri-urban landscapes and in particular urban forests and green infrastructures ".
The World Forum on Urban Forests is promoted by the Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO), the City of Mantua, the Italian Society of Forestry and Forest Ecology (Sisef) and the Polytechnic of Milan; in the program there are four days of conferences, exchanges, meetings, round tables, open cinemas and much more.
"The purpose of this first Forum is to highlight positive examples of planning, planning and management of cities with different cultures, forms, structures and stories, which have used urban forestry and green infrastructure to develop economic and environmental services and strengthen the social cohesion and public involvement ".

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