Elegant decorative cage


Natural Stone Box is the new Granulati Zandobbio decorative cage designed to create natural stone enclosures and retaining walls, for a lasting result and that guarantees excellent results both for aesthetics, its contemporary features and solidity.
"A highly versatile, technical and solid technical solution, ideal for furnishing in garden design and in urban landscape consolidation," the company explains.
Natural Stone Box cages are durable, non-deformable, easily portable and ready for laying: they are filled with natural stones chosen from a wide range of colors produced by Granulati Zandobbio.
Easy and fast to position, ready for laying, Natural Stone Box can also be easily removed and reused. Cages are non-deformable, resistant to corrosion and drainage and allow to create load-bearing walls up to 7 meters, which can also be used as a noise barrier. Modularity is another feature of the Granulati Zandobbio cage, and makes it an economical and ecological solution.
Finally, natural stone boxes can also be used in urban areas as a barrier to counter-terrorism and anti-terrorism, as alternative to new cement jerseys.

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